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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  August 31, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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say. could this change his stance on border control. details ahead. >> plus singer chris brown is facing more legal trouble after setting off an hour longstanding-off with police and being looked and released from jail. detail from him on his anyone with the law. >> weather and traffic coming up on the fives at 6:0 a. good wednesday i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> welcome to "fox 5 news morning". >> let's get you caught up. prince george country a person was struck on sutland mark way and is in the hospital this morning. apparently injuries are life-threatening. this happened after 1 a.m. for several hours both directions were closed naylor road as park police did their investigation the road just reopened in the last hour. >> developing now in the district. d.c. police have part of brept wood road north east shut down
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shot in brent road before he last night and 7 hours later investigators remain on scream. keying told the victim's injuries are wider. >> donald trump making headlines for where he is saided today. >> he's going to mexico amiing cop step due to give a major speech on tonight. melanie alnwick is here with a look at how it came to be. >> it happened quickly. a lot of people shocked on this considering trump's call to build a wall and make them pay for it and that the visit is at the invitation of mexican mexicanen peña nieti. trump ak sentenced peña nieti's invitation and is looking forward to hearing him. trump is campaigning in cash ton state and prepared
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immigration continues to be contentious issue and you bay recall earlier this we're they compared trump to hitler. he's pretty much barbed mexican people and illegal immigrants during his speeches. well president peña nieti's office tweeting confirmation saying the two men are meeting for a private chat. guys also really interesting here, we don't know whether the clinton campaign will accept. we know president ben franklin bridge invited both don'tald trump and also hillary clinton now he has not said warm she will be september that up i i havetation yet. trum's staff will soften. he's attempting to reach out with veters but there has been
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whether she will accept the mexican president and said about trump's ticket says it's what's how quickly this all came together. think about all the security perhaps that have to be put in place and up i havetation came friday and here at the is wednesday and he's on his way. >> envelope. moving on to other news this morning historic take today. >> yet blue and american air lines cleared forte-off to cub cuba. it will be the first commercial from united states to island nation in a half century. the american air lines ambulance to start service september 7. several other air lines waiting approval before they can offer flights to cuba. >> going to havana not yet maybe. >> this time next year if you live in maryland your kids may
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snreep or another beach day wh why. lar lar until after labor day. governor due to make announcement in ocean city goal to bolingt tourists. >> we're expecting to hear from organizers of marine corps marathon and looking at ways to get runners to the race since mero is not opening early as they have in past for marathon this is due to safe track work. at 1:00 this afternoon marathon officials will unveil transportation plan. is that steve running. >> no. >> i didn't know. >> not even mile one pace. >> marathon is sunday october 30. >> chris brown out ever jail after poeting bail accused of assault with a deadly weapon. police respond today a woman early yesterday that claimed brown pulled a gun on her. he posted interviews on instagram denying wrong doing. >> it's been a month since
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deadly flooding in ellicott city, maryland. and nearly 2" of rain. these are pix from the hourt county stiff twitter account. they wanted to keep doing this work uninterrupted. 74 degrees on wednesday at 6:05. >> crazy night. >> good morning. >> good sfwlorng hey, tuck. >> like your blue today. >> is that royal. >> navy. >> maybe royal navy blue. >> okay. >> let's good to for waingt. looking at one more day in 90s and we'll start to get relief in our more fall-like area i can say fall-like. >> yeah, like 22 days until fall. >> meterological fall starts tomorrow. >> okay. >> i like to go with regular folk. >> we're having a party. you can come. >> stevie don't know. >>
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stormtracker radar tracking mostly quoteet conditions off the air and fog north and west and be on the lookout if are you towards gul pepper, gains fill and lots of stops to town. possibility of i thunderstorm today that the last mum kinds 7 day we'll talk leaks holiday forecast. >> say hello to airport erin. hi, erin. >> good morning, it's been a ruvr ride already. look behind me. this is 295 southbound side. this is out by eastern avenue and glaze coming from 50 all the way down past east capital. we have a crash reported blocking left lane. so you'll be dealing with this parking lot. 295 earth would be looking good
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aprocess of clearing out of the rite shoumder and fine inner loop and 50 as well. let's move for a look at maps. other problems linger ago around the area as you head to potomac. hour fire reported person in tree road shut down country club to ed gar drive and as we forward to tractor-trailer crash only left shoulder getting by southbound side of 95 virginia three and look at the huge line of red through fredericksburg is they i suggest exiting bell before that point and otherwise you get stuck in big headache from delay. brandi road between brans and coyn highway. sutland park moving in both strexz. allison, steve. >> it's only wednesday he should say we're already looking to friday that's our last zip trip of the surprise. >> always the big one where we giveaway a new car and we want to you come out and be a part of. it we'll number downtown silver spring. veterans plaza inr
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>> step past the hour now. let's check headlines from the 2016 campaign. incumbents won primaries. wasserman schultz who resigned ahead of dnc beat her challenger and john mccain beat his opponent who suggest head was too old for sixth turn and marco rubio pulled out a victo victory in crucial primary race who got in late after dropping out of the presidential campaign. search is on for new chancellor for the d.c. school system. a meeting was held to get input on the qualities they want to see in next chancellor. held at roosevelt in northwest d.c.. mya henderson
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end of next month and john davis will serve in interim while the system searches for the replacement. >> one of the leading university is under fire for hiring a former selfly proclaimed islamic extremist the man is unis muhammad and will go by jessie morton. he add kaitd violence in the name of radical islam. he was snntsed to 1 years behind bars and served four years after calling for down fall of united states. he was released in 2015 and now he's on gw payroll working for the program on extremism where they're hoping to understand and develop ways to prevent others from being radicalized by islamic extremists like this manziel he once was. >> there's a risk all of hiring someone new. i'm sure he has a past and everybody does. >> at first
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that's crazy. then i was like well he's reformed i don't know. >> do you think he could serve a positive purpose in the long run or questionable. >> apparently they've done it in europe before. i don't know maybe he could serve a purpose us if really reformed. >> moreton starts job this week jorming washington depending decision to hire him. they vetted him with the fbi and other law enforcement agencies. >> maryland will vl new look at their design the state iconic he flag will be at the bottom. drivers with the cold plate can continue to use them. bony up $20 for new design. >> i like it. >> time now 6:12 wednesday and we all know how backed up and congested the bay bridge can get. >> backups get worse with tim time. maryland fi
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new idea. ♪ >> a live look as we head to break this wednesday morning. warm and traffic on the fives. sitting on the top ofm/ the bay♪ .
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and get the forecast. >> one more day. one more day with temperatures -- i can't guarantee there won'ting more in the month of september. one more day of 90s. highs in the low 930s for lack. >> we hit 90 degree mark 22 days this month. that ties record back to summer of 1908 many of us grew up in the area and 1980 was hottest summer ever. if we hilt 9 0 or higher today we will break that record. >> will we do it. >> for ka casting we will do that. >> we will break that record today. >> don't get all technical on me. >> 74 washington. >> there is fog
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west and south. there could be foggy conditions out there. fairly comfortable to start the morning. clear skies, quiet companies out early. cold front north and west. we've been promising cooler weather end of the week and it's on its way. after daytime heating we'll build clouds and possibility a little better chance today we see widely scattered thunderstorms break out ahead of the cold front. moving in tonight and later tomorrow. tomorrow clouds around with few showers and thunderstorms. changes chaining up a bill bit. i'll show you this. topical prothey're dpekting by friday, 5 to 10" of rain this will become the big story over the next couple days. there we go popping a few hours to take the best. >> as we get into tomorrow we'll have cloud cover 15
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tomorrow. hot today, scattered storm late. beautiful weather, friday, few, get in the station wagon. >> happy brm day suck on monday, 87. >> how are roads. >> turning 29. >> 6:18 we have huge problems tucker, sky fox over prince george. brandywine road is closed. a gas line was struck at this location. huge scene out there. you need to detour brandywine road that could cause additional traffic on 301 and branch avenue inbound. be prepared for that. we'll keep updated from sky fox. i want to move to cameras now. 66 coming from enterville past 29 and crash blocking right should eper and right lane blocked as well and heavy traffic speeds under 20 miles an hour so you're dealing with big delays from mannasas to beltway. moving over for a look at 295 southbound side traffic is parked. we had earlier crash that was
6:19 am
blocking the shoulder and right lane at east capital street. that cleared. all lanes on. 50 past east capital dealing with residual delay and looking at 95 southbound now dealing with huge problems and they once again shut down 95 southbound with tractor-trailer crash and they were letting left shoulder go by at 3. got the case any more. detore well above that point if you head to rich mond. >> maryland working to find a new option to get drivers back and forth cross the bay. yesterday governor larry hogan announced start of study to find a location and look for funding options to build a nilln and it could take several years within 5 years that driver will be experienced
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>> that's the only thing that stops me from going to the bank. >> unless you mean super, mu muper earlier. >> google could be taking over uber and lyft. >> and an ride sharing service on the west coast. it's cheaper than both of could it expand to the east coast. we'll find out next.
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>> google want to expand to all of san francisco if cheaper that uber it's going to be more popular and perhaps we'll see further expansion to other cit cities. >> this is different lauren than nor i'm like driving to work and you and i work together and you're line going the same way at least and then i pick you up i get paid to pick you up even though i'm going to work and not a full time driver right? >> the difference between uber and this is you're making extra money doing normal thing. it's not like you're driver for a living you know
6:24 am
saying. >> gotcha. >> it's about convenience than making money. >> if it works there where it's expanding in san francisco will it come to d.c. or east coast. >> initially i would say no to new york because most get around by train and bus however we have a lot of car sharing apps like via that are very popular and coye see it coming to new york and washington. >> we love to talk about food. chipolte trying to win back hearts and bellies. >> promotion, after promotion after promotion. kid are are back in school. high school and college kids get a drink for free when order entre and if parents come in and order food, kids eat free for the entire month of september. >> not bad at all. are they doing
6:25 am
>> still struggling latest sales for quarter were down almost 30%. that's awful. we're seeing moves in the right direction. >> thanks. tomorrow morning, thursday, we'll see you. if you have your oldest by the drink get a free drink and you go on sundays i'm trying to work the system. >> my youngest is twelve and the city meal they have not done it. >> no, i you're talking. >> they're trying. >> they're definitely trying. >> we're trying to bring you cooler weather. one more day. >> okay. >> and we get a nice weekend to look forward to. 74 washington. humidity 79%. winds north at 3. we're looking at clear skies to start the day. and we'll soar those temperatures back to low 0s. plenty of humidity enough that your back wl
6:26 am
>> sticky? >> sticky. your shirt will stick to your back. >> yes. >> you may as well end august that way. as we get to nighttime hours there may be a stray thunderstorm this afternoon. heads up. could be a storm later today. better chance showers and storm tomorrow and cooler weather for the weekend. we'll talk all about the tropics coming up. it could impact our peaches this weekend. good good luck it's 6:26. >> lots of problems. sky fox is in brandywine. a gas line was shoéznñ shut down brandywine to crane highway. you see quite a response at that location. keep in mind because this traffic backed up 301 and 5 inbound seeing a lot of extra congestion in that area. not the only problem we're dealing with this morning. let switch to cameras, several other problems to get through right lane blocked
6:27 am
15. you're jammed straight up in mannasas to sent herville and 95 southbound in fred rikdzburg completely shut down at 3 and traffic diverted because of serious tractor-trailer crash. looking at that next back to you. >> thank you so much, erin, time now is 6:27. a standoff in la. for singer chris group. >> it lasted 11 hours. we'll get you details ahead.
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>> welcome back to "fox5 news morning". giving you a live look at sky fox over the scene where crews are working to repair a gas leak. this is along brandywine road between branch avenue and crane highway. it's having impact. gwen park high school in prince george county is closed today. let's look now at top stories man hospitalized after a driver hit him on a dark road in hill crest heights, maryland, a block naylor road has reopened and there could still be traffic delays if that's your route this morning. big surprise overnight on presidential campaign trail. trump says he is headed to mexico to
6:31 am
president and when returning he is going to give app at dress. >> it's been one month as ellicott city continues to rebuild main street. the money profit preservation maryland will set up a resource center there for next nine months to help business president build in historic district after major flash flooding swept through. >> in other news this is cree creepy reports out of south car line apeople dressed as clowns are trying to lure people into the woods. wrapping up patrols after a residentp in greenville said they saw clowns creep around trying to lure kid into the crowded area they have not found evz of the clouds and new york now, 11 kayakers had to be rescued after struck by a ferr ferry. one injury was serious a
6:32 am
one injury was serious a kayaker. >> the incident happened at 6. the ferry operator is looking into whether sun glare may have been a factor in the crash. >> singer chris bound is out of jail. he's accused with assault of a deadly weapon. after an hour standoff at his home. they resummoned todd call from a woman early yesterday morning that claimed brown pulled a gun on her. he posted videos on instagram promoting wrong doing. >> i ain't going to do that. and it's always going to be [ bleep ] the police black lives matter. >> brown has been out of legal trouble and including felony
6:33 am
girlfriend rean awith an assault. >> ryan lochte picked up another endorsement deal with robo cop and crime fighting device the company is selling that sets off a startling alarm when used in a commercial the swimmer says "i've been traveling a lot lately we all have fun but it's a good idea to go safe. i don't go anywhere without robo cop" earlier he fabricated a story about being held at gun point and they were actually caught on camera land lising, >> last night in philly matt sherzers helps himself out. heeds out at first. why do they call in a sang fac face. that gives nats 2-0 lead. it's a sweet hit and one hopper to right field.
6:34 am
danny espinosa going to score. right away. but the catcher held on. he's out. sherzers would have a no hitter through five. go eight, allow three hits two runs and that's eight straight whips over the phills. >> today say little rush day for red skipdz. lot going on for that organization and team. tropical weather as tucker mentioned moving preseason finale until wednesday. they'll play tonight. a lot of players stay behind because they have the welcome home luncheon today. starters looks likes you stay here and meet with fans at the luncheon and second and third stringers fly south at noon today to take a tampa. linebacker bailey ryeler jr. he broke his foot and lost games and then lost his job. >> new zealander was signed last season was free sergeant. post says they're still
6:35 am
for it looks like starters stay behind in d.c. and the rest of the team goes down south. >> the fans get to see the marquise players. >> and fans in tampa get to see everybody else. >> yes. >> that's what the argument was before right don't hurt the starters. >> i agree with that. >> i don't think they should be playing preseason. >> most don't play in fourth game. >> this is the one praying to make teams. >> 74 washington. we'll be back low 0s today. only one more day in low 90s. therapy promise relief around here as we'll have cooler temperatures tomorrow and then much cooler an drier air by friday. there's a live look at satellite and radar. quiet, fog south and west and big blob east of carolina coast is tropical
6:36 am
could be a scattered storm later and humid tenp humid. >> it's still summer we'll get summer conditions. let's check in with erin for the commute. >> sky fox and brandy wipe if prince george country brandywine shut between branch avenue and crane highway. a gas main was struck there. at this location this is causing a lot of backup traffic because it's between split of 301 and 5 20b. >> and then branch avenue inbound seeing a lot of delays to the beltway. let's move to a look at am raves, 95 southbound tied up. big practice tore trailer crash has all lanes blocked. if you need to detour you take 1 south. they have been letting shoulder by but once again that closure is in place
6:37 am
let's switch to cameras as you make your way 95 northbound cosh lorton before this point causing big slow downs once you pass lor ton things on up and stop and go with the latest. also seeing big delays on 66 as we look at another one of the cameras, 66 eastbound has a acrash by 29 centerville. you can see traffic at a crawl from necessary toe center pill and then ferm. >> let's go ahead and see what else is popping up around town. i don't like 295 southbound. brake lights 50 to east capitol where earlier crash cleared. 270 southbound closed by truck scales and typical cop juston outer loop between 95 and georgia. any questions erin@fox d.c. on twitter
6:38 am
>> thanks. still to come after the break big talker and trending story the kiss of death a mexican teen dies after heated makeup make-out session. what happened? >> the bizarre story straight ahead. ♪ this fall at dunkin' donuts, get lost in pumpkin with a $1.99 medium macchiato or latte from 12:00 to 6:00 p.m. sip in the season today. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> what's trending on web wednesday
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hickey turned out to be a kiss of death for a 17-year-old boy in mexico city. julio gonzales ñ suffered a stroke that doctors think was caused by hick by dr. girlfriend it caused a blood clot to travel his main and this is second case. in 2010 new zealand woman went to er when this she surviveste and young man did not. we have been talking about the weather headed our way all morning. how about taking it in from new spot in d.c.. watergate bar opens top overing sweeping views of potomac and arlington area an beyond and the spot opens 6 p.m. and closes each night about 11 and patrons don't need to be guest to get a table. looks like field trip. >> i'll
6:42 am
photo bomb. reminder before we head to break share with 20295200 back in a minute.
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thunder only happens when it's raping♪ rain raining♪looking a >> a new bay bridge? >> i only have a couple decades left. >> i thought it would be like -- >> we'll have flying cars one day, al. >> i know. >> until then, get in line and head to our beautiful beaches. >> it's still beautiful bridg bridge. >> gorgeous drive. >> i saw pictures of ferries that used to go to the bay. >> what about that anymore. >> didn't have a bridge then did we. >> we could do both. >> weather, the bus stop forecast is looking fine. 63 to 73 and cooled off overnight in spots and fog here south and west and could remain dry. later today dry after school. the
6:46 am
couple days i could pop up. at least that possibility. i mentioned earlier so far in month of august we hit 90, 22 days that ties record that goes back to 1980. we're forecasting 2 today. it looks like we may be in the record books for the most 90 degrees days ever in august. we're typically hot. that's impressive number. 74 washington. 70 leonard no one. north and west 60s for you. 66 mannasas and 65 this morning and out at dulles 63 frederick. temperatures fairly comfortable early this morning looking at satellite and ray car. clear starts to start the day cold front west and during the take tomorrow looks cloudy and cooler air settles in. up ahead later today it's possible we could pop a few showers and
6:47 am
all right. speaking of storms. that's good aston impressive. fortunately inmiddle of the atlantic. look athat eye currently. that's beautiful i mean impressive. i want to focus on nine quickl quickly. this is trying to get together forecasted to be a tropical storm perhaps north -- it crawls all along the coast this weekend. if remnants kind ever crawl this weekend beaches could be. >> showers and storms at 5 today and overnight tomorrow few showers as well. 7 day forecast last day of 90s for a while. refreshing temperatures. zip trip looks great friday. >> i get to come play. >> erin is coming, everybody is coming. >> it's a big party
6:48 am
great. >> giving away a car. >> right now for the morning commute not hot. 6:47 sky fox over brandywine in prince george remains shut down because crews hit a gas line between branch and crane highway. brandi runs between 301 and 5 split and 301 towards we are dealing with metro problems and train malfunction and green line delays to green felt as we look at largo town center both delays in both directions and earlier delays silver line cleared. silver and orange no alerts. aside from that safe track surge 8 be prepared for that frank own aia springfield and vandoren. looking at the map. baltimore pork way. jammed in college park 9
6:49 am
>> soyb fredericksburg virginia completely shut down right now at 3 with big tractor-trailer nsh. >> and delays 66 eastbound through centerville. back to you, steve, allison. >> if you plan on taking a trip labor day weekend you're not alone. 15.5 million americans expected to fly somewhere for the three day weekend. that's up 4% last year. we tend to think people go to the beach for labor" day weekend. not so. when people flight or rbitz said more women are trial for. >> don't try to put us in a box. >> still a long weekend. >> fox news keit. >> for instagram post for t
6:50 am
we'll recap. he's out of jail after posting bond last night. he was arrested after 11 hour standoff. 11 hours. police in los angeles say he was arrested yesterday on suspicion of assault of debately weapon after a bringt bringthy search which we've multiple times he's denying that he barricaded himself inside his house. brown pointed a gun to her face she says this is the person that originally called the police yesterday and then became angry when admired another man's necklace. tmz says bailey by the way another story about her is grabbed larceny suspect for alleged crime in new york. that may play into this story as well. >> lot of trauma going on. >> we'll see what happens. we'll taltoto tmz today at 9:4
6:51 am
there are multiple versions of this story going on and also if they has that background how does it play into this scenari scenario. we'll see what happens here it's sad. >> "dancing with the stars" announced lineup. two olympians, former governor and rapper will be on the show. i'm interested because of who they have this time. ryan lochte and cheryl burke and gymnast lauery hernandez and singer baby face and vanilla ice. i'm excited about vanilla ice. i'm excited to see him on dancing with the stars. >> he is a good daptioner. >> i recently danced with him two or three weeks ago at an event. goofy dancing i was trying to teach him the bernie. he nailed. it did a good job. >> he pulled off your dance moves. >> he pulled
6:52 am
moves. >> he has a future. >> he does. >> he might be talented. >> we all know the story miracle on the hudson. one of the most incredible stories ever. i get to sit across from a lot of heroes but somebody who is true hero that saved 1r5 5 lives, i have to sit down this weekend which is interesting. because once the birts there was 22 second from that moment until he hit the watder i want todd know what was going on through his mind specifically what does he think about people in his life. >> at the moment those birds struck and you're trying to sit there and figure out what to do and go back i know you're thinking how to fix. it what else comes into mind. do you think about your kid and family. >> no not at all not once i never had a. >> i never had
6:53 am
thought than 208 seconds it never occurred to me. that would be completely out of character.ka;kñ i knew up like any other challenge i faced it would be the hardest day, worst day of my life and i had to focus on flying the airplane and solving problems one at a time until they all were solved. i never thought about my family and didn't think about the passengers i thought about an anying the airplane well and choosing proper point on the early for flight panel to intercept the earth which would in just a short amount of time. tom hanks is it playing him in the new film directedly clint east wood. it's untold story because you get to learn about the hearings behind the scene and tucker made interesting point during sound bite who struck who the bird struck the plane. >> the plane struck the bird. >> whatever you want to say. >> we're nature peop
6:54 am
>> how do you know. >> normally the bird has been in the air longer and then the >> which movie does it planned in water. >> the movie starts after everything was done. it actually goes back non linearly and you watch the landing from perspective of cockpit and cockpit it aevl and people from the out per pec pecktive. >> i'm pretty sure the passengers thought about their families. >> he had a job to do. >> i was thinking about fee app say in that position. >> that's great. >> "forbes" named rochel the highest paid in the universe. >> universe. >>
6:55 am
part how do we know. >> it's estimated she made 30 million last year. coming in second place fellow brazilian at 10.5 million not shabby at all including concernal jenner and carly close tide in third earning 10 million a police all doing well for themselves. >> a high school senior shows up in corner of jillian hener henery's photo shoot. she was taking senior photos and shared shot and captioned it love my family paikz. >> you're so embarassing. >> one of these days somebody will see us. >> tucker barnes. >>
6:56 am
that tucker in the background? >> i'm not terribly big on public knewty i don't feel like i have the body for it. >> you have to own it. if you go you go all the way in. >> you have been on this show with your shirt off more than anybody in the staff. you have. >> i try, kev. >> 74 washington. we'll be back in low 90s today. one more day and then a break for a few days. there could be a few thunderstorms this afternoon better change the than the last few days. and then clouds and showers and storms high temperature 86. 30 second left. erin take it away. >> sound like beautiful forecast if you want to take a walk because of the delays to green belt on green line and stalled train largo center we're dealing with delays both directions silver line and both delays blue line in addition to safer track surge 8, franconia, springfield and vandoren.
6:57 am
we're dealing with a lot of problems on the road. 67:00 hour will be right back havertys furniture helps your home look perfect even when life isn't. pretty! hey. umm... sign here? sure, you got a pen?
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>> ahead at 7:00 this morning a campaign surprise. donald trump heading south of the border now meeting with the president of mexico and this hours ahead of his major speech on immigration reform. >> singer chris brown a free man this morning folwi
7:00 am
what he's saying about sack significance that he pulled a gun on a woman at hishouse. >> out in the old in with the new would governor hogan build a new pay branch and would it east questions so many questions though. >> a live look outside this wednesday morning. we'll have "weather and traffic on the 5s" at 7:0 a happy hump day i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> welcome to "fox 5 news morning". >> breaking news impacting roads and school. gas leak crews are dealing with along brandywine road and southern prince george county. sky fox above right now between branch avenue and crane highway and as result glen park high school in brandywine closed today because of the gas leak nearby. how much -- right now receive steve


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